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Debbie Bird is a remarkable performer and a skilled playwright.

We cry with her, we laugh with her, and, most importantly – we feel with her.


The attention to detail in the script is impressive, balanced between providing a fully credible narrative and not being bogged down in minutiae.


Interest is easily maintained from start to finish. This has, at least in part, to do with Bird’s storytelling skills. 


An encouraging and enlightening show.


Nothing is off-limits in this frank, open and honest heartfelt story.


It’s certainly about time someone gave a voice to these ladies.


Bird has done exactly that showing a certain generation also knows how to see the funny side of life too!


Visiting the pumping station, the newly-widowed grand dame Matilda Robinson (Debbie Bird, in a performance that would put Maggie Smith to shame).

Bath Echo

No punch is left unpulled 

Open, honest, and without self-pity, it tells the tale of her ultimately successful battle to come to terms with, and appreciate, without arrogance, her own worth.

A valuable message for everyone, man or woman.

British Theatre Guide

It's not often that theatre addresses the topic of middle-aged women, let alone has the bare-faced cheek to suggest that they may wish to have an active and fulfilling sex life, so Debbie Bird's Buzzing is something of a social service as well as an evening's entertainment. It carries a message that needs to be heard by everyone, especially those for whom older women are cougars, or irrelevant, or your mum.

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