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LIVESTREAM - its now the thing to do

In the age of Corona virus, we have become accustomed to viewing live theatre via the internet, Zoom or YouTube. Now Buzzing is doing the same. Buzzing is programmed to perform at Applecart Arts on Friday 25th September at 7.45pm. But it is all very different.

We perform it as a live stage show but have 3 cameras. One is fixed and the other 2 are movable. So you, the viewer, the audience, can see me from lots of different angles. No problem thinking, "I wish Id sat over there instead." This also gives me the opportunity to speak directly down the lens to you at home. Don't ask me when I will do it, that is still in rehearsal phase. It will feel strange not to have you out there watching and laughing. I'll pause for laughs, and hoe that you re laughing at home!

Another difference is in between scenes. Those of you who have seen Buzzing will remember that I have 3 quick changes when you have an empty stage to look at. Not a problem to you lot, you are very ready to take the moment to have a quick chat and share with each other about what you have just seen, usually I hear, "That could be my life story up there." So, my next mission is to film some footage for you to watch instead. I'm excited to do this, to give you a little extra.

Anyway, I wanted to update you and hope that you'll be there with me. Here is the link. Why don't you and your friends all book a ticket and crack open the prosecco?

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